Why Mail Art?

  1.   The history of mail art is one of immediacy, intimate  and the public , a humility of access. 

  2. As visual and social practice artists we desperately need the haptic, the touched, the crafted, the raw and the immediate. 

  3. Since so many Oakland artists were laid off from teaching,  food industry and cultural institutions jobs, we knew that there was a lot of economic precarity, stress, and  need for expression  so we thought  lots of artists could respond to this simple call. They did.   

  4. Time under shelter in place has taken on a different pace and movement; the slowness of making something by hand  or sending something by mail, the returning to a past form of communication  seemed to match the "out of time space" we have entered. 

  5. Social isolation and being lonely for public conversation  and street repartee  makes all small cues, messages and communications precious. 

  6. The act of staking an esoteric cultural site  existing outside of the art market in a storefront in our 15th street neighborhood  is an act of creative resistance to obliteration of ideas,  of color,  of diversity

  7. The pandemic is provoking real and imagined shortages, and precariousness of supply chains.  Like  growing things from seeds, baking bread or talking to neighbors over the back fence, mail art seemed like throwback to meet present need. Holding time and how we value and obtain things is all different now, value systems and time altered. 

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