Things of beauty, provocation, poetics and curiosity to buy. All proceeds support Dream Farm Commons!

Dream Farm Commons is deeply appreciative of our extended community of artists, dreamers, farmers, and commoners who are building, radically creating, thinking, and making in so many ways. A portion of our community of artists who have shown work at DFC over the last 3 years have come forward with works for us to sell as donations of their creative labors. 100% of the proceeds from these pieces will help to keep Dream Farm Commons afloat in this long winter of 2020. 


Through all of the pandemic,  we have kept our site active functioning as an artists community and exhibition space, through viral surges, closures, smokey skies, and uncertain times. We are imagining all that we will do NEXT year: residencies and outside-looking-in exhibitions, shining jewels in our storefront windows during these winter months; then when we can open again — lively openings, full gallery shows, expansive works, social practice actions, events, talks, dinners, a makers' market — all the things we've done in the past and more. We think it will be a sort of renaissance after the plague moment, with making and radical ideas and creative surges instead of viral surges. We will invite you to envision that with us. We invite you to join us there. In fact, we invite you there now!  


Meanwhile please buy things for your loved ones or for yourself (it has been a rough year and you totally deserve it) and help us through, into the new year and to that light at the end of the tunnel.

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Semilla Solar, Veronica Rojas 

This shop is more than digital! 

These works will be on view in our gallery at 349 15th Street, Oakland from Dec. 17 - 30th. Come by to window shop and fall more deeply in love with the work you are considering.