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This spring Ann Schnake and Stacey Goodman are working with Amy Franceshini
and the Alternative Art School on a project around the Anthropocene

What can we tell you thus far?

in 2018 Stacey Goodman, Robert Gomez Hernandez and and Ann Schnake  founded Dream Farm Commons. The name we created 5 years ago was all about the  DREAMS as big world spirit forces and crazy garden variety ideas of transformation and the FARM as the grounded productivity and actual greening and the COMMONS, a collaborative flow, community, the block, the neighborhood, the world.  Through sculptural work for distributing food, seeds and sharing meals,  Stacey and Ann will add art and magical ritual back into the act of gathering and breaking bread.  Ann and Stacey are currently working hard at creating a body of work that engages with food, magic, generosity and time travel.

It will happen this spring, will involve making sculpture,  discourse, community dinners. Because the project  is in the midst of making , we will hold off on details --more soon!


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