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Jes Young is a multidisciplinary artist, maker, story-teller, educator, and curator from the Bay Area, based in Oakland. Their practices in material storytelling come from Chinese and “Western” craft based healing / processing rituals that include patchwork quilting, natural dying, photography, ceramics and familial / communal / herbal research.

By continuing a practice of material storytelling from many generations before them, they (re)write and (re)contextualize stories that center / honor complex truths.

They are  interested in storytelling through the ephemerality / changeability of generational memory. Modes of story sharing like speaking and craft making are always transforming as time passes and environments shift. Combining personal, fictional, and passed down stories from a biographical / memoir lens emphasizes the malleability of memory and allows them to (re)construct stories for those of us with multiple intersections.

During Jes’s residency at Dream Farm Commons they will create a patchwork that will reach across the loft beam in the DFC gallery. Since patchworks are storytelling objects, visual and material. The patchwork will tell a personal and collective story of loss through the materials used to create it and contributed to it. The patchwork will include photos taken and archived over time in the Bay Area and in China, fabrics dyed with California clay, pockets for foraged native plants with different medicinal properties from the Bay Area and Guongzhou, and other nostalgic objects. Some pockets will remain empty for visitors to contribute objects that they associate with loss, grief, love or connection. The patchwork will be made in the window nook of the gallery to make visible the devotional labor of patching and as an ode to Chinese sweatshop garment piecers like Jes’s grandmother.

The finished patchwork is a portal or altar inspired by curio shelves. The objects and materials used connect us from where we are now to ancestral land and web us together through collective grief.

To visit or bring objects to contribute to the patchwork contact Jes via email at or Instagram @jesyung

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