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The contemporary form of exodus and the new barbarian

life demand that tools become poetic prostheses liberating us from

the conditions of modern humanity.

                      Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri



The current installation is a work in progress, by Ann Schnake, a founder and holder of Dream Farm Commons. Right now, she is building an installation using found and discarded local wood, or reused materials; as a wood carver, she has been thinking a lot about trees, sustainability, where wood is sourced from, and how lumber yards and deforestation operate.


Because her prior work was the practical labor of being a nurse, she is always thinking about fragile bodies in teetering and illogical ecologic and economic systems and where we begin, end and touch or feed each other.  For a long time she has been carving and molding spoons and limbs from milled wood; lately she has been thinking more about  limbs of  trees, as bodily form,  sacred and  sentient; as natural forms interrupted;  as illogical machines tor tools gone strange with human intervention. She is experimenting  with divisions of space, where pieces grow into each other and emerge out of walls  and with  baby socks as tragic adornments for wood.

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Visit by appointment --

text 510 334 6739. 

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Tiny Chimera, Ann Schnake

is a temporary name for
an unfolding project

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