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July 25 - August 10, 2019

Residency Closing + Project Debut: 

August 10

6 - 8PM Rice + Beans

8 - 10PM Experimental Video Projections

You Meaning Me begins...
As the launching of a year long project, Stacey Goodman will be conducting performative research into the African-American history of Oakland, specifically investigating West Oakland from the 1920's Great Migration to the activism of the 1970's. He will be performing on location, recording his actions using a drone, and bringing back found objects that he discovers during his exploration. Maps and other imagery will be printed on transparencies and installed in the windows of Dream Farm, illuminating the gallery with light and color much like stain glass windows. For the time of the introductory residency, the Dream Farm Gallery will be converted into a sacred space, filled with magical light, that honors the vision of the past and the aspirations for the future of a Black population that has made Oakland what it is today. We invite you to join us to eat rice and beans and participate in a interactive video works at the debut of the project and to follow the work throughout the year.


Stacey Goodman combines video projection, drawing, sculpture and performance to evoke insight into a variety of social, historical, political and geographically specific topics. He describes his work as "a way of revealing a complexity that exists beyond what can be named or quantified." His work seeks to unsettle and quietly disrupt, allowing him to get lost in subjects that fascinate him—from astrological imagery to Depression Era photography. Goodman enjoys engaging with science, the humanities, and aspects of  commercial culture. He says "these ways of understanding the world can be limiting. I seek to remind myself–and others, that wonder and possibility exists, even if we have no words for it. I  push myself to be clear before the actuality of what is, and as a way to remind myself to not necessarily believe what I think I know."

Stacey is a co-founder of Dream Farm Commons, as well as an actively practicing artist here at DFC. He graduated with his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and is currently a resident at Kala Art Institute and in the Affiliate Program at the Headlands Center for the Arts since 2017.

Jess Young

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