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In these 18 months of our existence as a group, space and concept, we have built 16 exhibitions with extraordinary visuality and conceptual rigor, as well as providing multiple film showings, dinners, small actions and engagements.

 As a group of artists and future thinkers, we are digging deep into our own pockets every month to support the basic costs of keeping  this very particular form of exhibition and project site afloat. We are writing to you because we include you in our community, and want to invite your support as we continue to build.   We have some projects that further extend from the storefront windows of Dream Farm Commons out into our neighborhood and stretch beyond our current means.  Can you help us?

We are asking for resources to help launch three new areas of work:

  1. Envision Academy: We share our corner on 15th and Webster Street in Downtown Oakland with  Envision Academy of Art and Technology, a Junior High and High School serving 481 Oakland Public School Students.  We are just beginning to work with the school to create innovative forms of engagement that artfully support and engage he students.  In the next year  we want to see small hands on classes in the gallery, classroom tours and artist engagements, video nights, reading groups, and workshops on envisioning the future in connection with students in other parts of the globe.  We need very basic resources for coordination of these efforts!

  2. Supporting Artists: We want to directly support  artists through  materials and payment, for the exhibitions they create at Dream Farm Commons. We hold the reality of the precarity of existing as working artists in the Bay Area, a form of defiance of mathematical possibility, and want to help artists make new works.

  3.  More Activations: Reach new audiences with more films, discourse, meals and conversations!  We are totally committed to experimental works and actions to both continue critical artful dialogue and engage audiences who do not frequent galleries and museums. More activities at Dream Farm commons will build our viability but we need basic resources to launch more programming.

Many times art spaces are guileless gentrifiers. In our work we claim aesthetic agency, those abilities of the visual, poetic and performative to seep into consciousness and both retrieve the past and foreshadow the future; we are very specific in how and where we want to apply those resources. Our positioning has been one of critical accountability:  respecting and holding neighborhood specificity, engaging with global positioning and making art that pushes, engages, and holds materialist criticality. 

 Can you help us build this work in the next year? We are living in trying times but our joint efforts hold so much possibility for the future.

You can support us directly through the link above via paypal or credit card OR by check to Dream Farm Commons, address below; for a tax deductible donation,  follow this link to the button on the ProArts page, our fiscal sponsor. 

Thank you so much for helping us build more, 

Ann, Jeremy, Jess, Stacey, Shilpi, and Vanessa


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