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Drilling Islands.jpg
Drilling Islands.jpg

Opening February 9

Jamee Crusan

Jamee Crusan

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Kim Anno, Claudia Borgna, The Bureau of Linguistical Reality (Heidi Quante and Alicia Escott), Jamee Crusan, Glenna Cole Allee, Alicia Escott, Kiko Le Strange aka Marco Garcia, Stacey Goodman, Rebecca Swan, WHIZ WORLD  with Queen Whiz, Ghost Whiz and Furtips, and the Dream Farm Team..

How to hold this moment of environmental precarity in which we exist? The world’s leading climate scientists have warned that only a dozen years remain for us to avoid an irreversible tipping point, yet we pitch forward with an ever expanding carbon foot print and economy. How do we hold the geologic impact of our actions, on ocean, land, atmosphere, animals? The illogic of systems tooled for short term profit?  Where to hold fires, floods and fear of extinction?  In this exhibition,  we searched for resilient forms of response, the poetic, the oblique and the direct, for re-tooling, re-imagining in all ways, claiming  both activist boldness  and the subtlety of a small sparrow. 

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We grounded ourselves first in the visual: small drawings, bold photographs, reconfigured bodily forms, materials from the sea,  mystical futuristic flowers, conceptual considerations... We bear in mind recent movements like Extinction Rebellion and the new Green Deal—what actions, poetics and possibility do they offer us? A thread of feminist magical speculative grounding in the body comes from WHIZWORLD while The Bureau of Linguistical Research provided new words for the emotional and material conditions of our changing state. Shilpi Kumar’s investigations of circular economies offer other forms of critique and consideration.


Kico Le Strange

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Stacey Goodman

Jamee Crusan

We have been in conversation with curator Associate Curator Alejandra Labastida,  of MUAC Mexico City. She will join in the dialogue of our artists talks February 20 with a presentation on some of her current works including #NoMeCansaré, the aesthetics of 50 years of activism in Mexico.  She offered us this photo of a wall of posters: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN AND DON'T DISSOLVE. 

Today we are not dissolving


Images from top to bottom :

Glenna Cole Allee, Drilling Islands  

photographic exploration of the Drilling Islands, an archipelago built in the 1960's by Disney's "Imagineers" to camouflage the architecture of oil rigs

Alicia Escott, Drawing of the Last Seaside Dusky Sparrow

Stacey Goodman, Hand & Jumping, print on velum

Claudia Borgna, Not for Sale, plastic bag sculpture

Rebecca Swan, Untitled, microscope photo seaweed  

Alejandra Labastida, PARE, MIRE photograph of wall of posters created by Arte Por La Izquierda inspired by poster from Brazil 1960's

Kim Anno,   Finale Water City Berkeley, photograph 

Finale water city berkeley.jpg

Stay posted as we plan to add several special  events during the exhibition time, February 9-March 23. We are open 12- 6 Thursday - Saturday

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