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August 11 – August 24, 2019

The White Privilege Research Room

Organized by Danielle Wright

Closing celebration: Saturday, August 24, 6– 9PM

“A comfortable place for uncomfortable questions.”

The White Privilege Research Room is a pop-up living room and research space created for casual investigations into the embodied experiences of white culture and white privilege. Thought-provoking inner and interpersonal dialogue will be augmented/enhanced with key texts and relevant audio/visual media. Space will be prioritized for Black womxn and womxn of color but all bodies are welcome. 

What does white privilege look like?

What does white culture sound like?

What does white privilege feel like?

What does white privilege taste like?

What does white culture smell like?

Danielle Wright is an Oakland-based visual artist whose work investigates language and the language of materials. She's particularly interested in the politics and poetics of what it means to be a witness and in softening distinctions between artist and viewer. In addition to her studio practice, she teaches at Creativity Explored and NIAD Art Center, two non-profit art studios for neurodiverse adults. She will attend the University of Chicago as an MFA candidate within the Department of Visual Arts beginning Fall 2019.

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