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Jamee Crusan

Big Ideas, Intentions, Constructions, and Mini Residencies


January 1- February 4, 2019

Whiz World Speculative Magical Feminist Dinner January 27

Performance by Stacey Goodman Friday February 1

What’s happening at Dream Farm Commons in January?  


As we began our journey as a visual arts exhibition, project and discourse site but 8

months ago,  we are holding this first month of the year as a time for big ideas,

intentions and constructions--- there is a lot going on both in our material and

thought world we want to share!


The first two weeks of January have been committed to physical building, upgrading a wall and floor. At the same time, we are doing internal work, constructing ideas of what a commons might actually mean, how we invite other artists and the public in, how we form our core, make decisions and towards what topics and desires we set our looking glass.


Jamee Crusan

The very broad interrelated ideas of Borderless Imaginaries and Environmental Precarity are the subjects we are tilting towards, building activism and visual works. This will include our next exhibition, opening Saturday, February 9th 6-9PM. We are engaging in a sometimes nebulous construction, building our upstairs as a Borderless Imaginary Space, a global portal for practical actions, virtual reality and dreaming. Stay tuned! 


Meanwhile we would like to pose: what are your intentions and commitments for this year of 2019? What practical  and magical actions will  be yours?


As another part of building our commons, we have invited several artists and thinkers into the space in a series of mini-residences this month. From January 13 through February 3,  Jamee Crusan, Whiz World, Stacey Goodman and Marco Garcia aka Kiko Le Strange will be working here, creating a different series of explorations and visual productions each week. In a world that is increasingly monetized, codified and limited we are so very happy to support both raw experimental and deeply considered creativity.


Kico Le Strange

This Tree sample4.jpg

Jamee Crusan

Stacey Goodman

Please let us know if you would like to be a part of Whiz World Speculative Magical Feminist Dinner, coming up very soon--January 27

We will post descriptions of their explorations as they unfold. In February  we will have an evening presentation of the work of the mini-residencies -- mark your calendars to join us!

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