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Shared Work Space at Dream Farm Commons

seeking creative producers: writers, thinkers, activists, film makers, clean space visual artists

Dream Farm Commons: Call for Co-Creators 

 Please read all these details and complete this form AND

 send  us an email  to let us know to look at your form 

We continue to look for  more people to join the commons! 

artists / curators / writers / activists / thinkers who have a particular focus and a desire to help build a fruitful commons

 ... curating or producing exhibitions, social practice projects, film series production, poetry/literary publication, zine-making, sound production, photography, design, grounded activism projects and movement-building or that what we have not yet thought of...

Brief answers are totally fine  as a way to start the conversation and preferred and there are no right answers

buddha shisi.jpg

What we need:

  • 1- 2 artist curators to build exhibition content

  • Really great ideas and participation in creating general  content and social production at Dream Farm Commons

  • Monthly contribution of $100- $300 per month depending on means and work contribution; as we build programming we would hope to decrease this monthly contribution and encourage use of the space for sustainable actions

  • Ability to manifest projects and dialogue around big ideas.

  • Physical or virtual presence in the Dream Farm Commons “space.”

  • Accountability to the work, finances, processes, and decision making of building the commons. (Right now we meet 1 hour per week and like keeping it light and evolving) 

  • We are committed to diversity of all kinds, including age, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity



Silk screened poster by Isabella Schreiber and Ann Schnake

Kico sewing.jpg

Kico Le Strange aka Marco Garcia making an amazing  couch for Dream Farm Commons, our  Dream Time space


What we have at Dream Farm Commons: 

  • A storefront exhibition space with willingness to push boundaries between artist / curator and singular and collective vision.

  •  A physical space for collective and individual production with welcomed experimentation. We periodically turn the area into a production space, however it is not a studio, per se.

  • work loft  and office infrastructure (e.g. large work table, printer, LCD projector, tools, refrigerator, couch, small individual storage). ProArts has recently made many resources available to us such as large format projector and printer and we are game to invest in more shared forms of infrastructure as resources allow. 

  • Event space (to host classes, dinners, critical theory investigations, discussion groups, comedy or music nights). This includes a mini “kitchen” (with full dinnerware sets, tables, hotplates, pans) and general cooking craziness

  • Interconnectivity on a street and city with expanding dialogues.  We are currently developing a larger arts commons with ProArts and evolving global relationships with experimental art sites in Mexico City, Berlin, NYC and Nairobi.

  • Deep intellectual investigation, critical thinking, discourse and praxis.

  • Fiscal sponsorship with grant writing assistance

  • Located on 15th and Webster Streets in downtown Oakland 5 minutes from 12th  or 19th street BART, with bike parking in basement

Amber & Guillermo.jpg

Interested or have questions?
Contact us at 

Here are some things we’d like to know

  • Name, email, website, phone number, work medium.

  • What would you like to do at the Dream Farm Commons?

  • What skills, work, or actions would you imagine contributing to the space or the neighborhood?

  • What exhibition, social practice projects, community engagements or forms of creative production do you have in mind?

  • What is your experience or willingness to create a commons?

  • What would you like and need to get in return?




Work samples and CV would be really useful to us too --please send, tell OR show us your work...

In November 2018 the Lunar Collective of Guillermo Gallindo and Amber Stucke opened a subliminal portal in Dream Farm Commons -- we take the job  of keeping it open  very seriously and are cultivating all forms of borderless imaginaries ....

Photograph by Hiroyo Kaneko,

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