Subterranean Borders Encuentros

Throughout the month for the exhibition Subterranean Borders: Colonialism, Extraction, and Defiance, we are planning a series of engagements to activate the space, events planned as practical border action or to decolonize the imagination.
We are calling these events Encuentros, thinking of both the word and the process used by the Zapatistas in their investigations into new possibility.

Reserve your spot for each event through October below

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The Singular Dinner planned for October 4 replaced with the MULTIPLE!

Have a meal and conversation at Dream Farm between now and October 27

New Horizons

A DeColonial-Politico- Aesthetic-Imaginary, a discourse, conversation and a performance with Ignacio Valero and Beatriz Escobar   
Friday October 11, 7- 9PM 


The Witness to Witness Program

Helping People who Work at the Border
Kaethe Weingarten Ph.D.

FULL Sign up on the wait list
Friday, October 25, 7-8 PM


"Object-ify" Ourselves! 

Join Elena Yu for a workshop focusing on decolonizing the body.

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Drop ins are welcome as space allows!

Sunday October 6, 5-7:30 PM

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An Outdoor Film Night on Indigenous Resistance Day
 Saturday, October 12, 7:30- 9:30PM

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Petcha Kucha and Zapatismo Closing

At the closing of the exhibition, the artists will gather to talk about their work in the Petcha Kucha format

Sunday October 27, 5-8 PM