December 6- January 11

RAD Craft + Design

Opening: Friday, December 6, 2019 at 7 PM – 10 PM

Closing: Saturday, January 11, 5-9PM

Curated by Jess Young & Kico Le Strange
RAD Craft + Design is an exhibition of singular and multiple works by artists, makers, and designers who reclaim craft in radical ways:
Radical as in reclaiming tradition, as in queer as hell, as in anticapitalist, as in emotionally open.
What can a radical practice within a capitalist market economy look like? How can we reconsider the hierarchy of art, craft, and design?

The second day of the show December 7th, 12- 6PM we are hosting a Makers’ Market to redefine the traditional craft fair.

RAD Craft + Design Final Card (lavender)
RAD Craft Makers Market IG2.jpg
quilt - Maya Gulassa (2).jpg
babadessertshoot3 - Christine Crook.jpg
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(left) "Could it be that red is the only color that is continually asking for a body?", Fabric, 4.5' x 2.5', Maya Gulassa

(right top) IO<3 Internet of Hearts, Emilia Pucci 

(right bottom) Baba Yaga Desert Witch, Recycled Jacket Linings, Jock Strap, Panty Hose, Poly-Fil, Glue, Christine Crook