Notgiven By Malaya Tuyay

Notgiven By Malaya Tuyay

By Malaya Tuyay


My Sampaguita Will Not be Domesticated by My Marguerite Daisy 


11 x 15 inches


This was made a long time ago when I was in college and learning a lot about my identity that I didn't have a lot of access to growing up. I realized how I hid my roots to comfort the people around me and also to fit in. It's the unfortunate truth that that is the route I decided to take, but that's what I was doing. The piece sort of speaks for itself in the words that are in the print, but to expand, I will say this was a point in time where I was questioning my own agency over myself. Did I allow myself space to just be me? Was I given that space? How much was I willing to fight for that space? Since then I have moved into how can we create space for each other.

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