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Shared Work Space at Dream Farm Commons

seeking creative producers: writers, thinkers, activists, film makers, clean space visual artists

.We are very aware of the rising rents and stresses on all forms of creative production in the Bay and what precious geography and space we are holding.  Towards this end, we have opened our upstairs loft  as an affordable, bright and quiet shared work space for a few creative producers (writers, thinkers, activists, film makers, clean space visual artists).    

All of our collaborators share  in the  social production of Dream Farm Commons; interest in the mission of the space is essential and we are open to greater participation and contribution  to a commons. We are  a hub for  a range of work so using the space for great other work is possible too.

  • The loft  is dedicated  work space  Monday - Friday 6AM to 6PM 

  • available evenings and weekends when not used for gallery events

       (currently 2- 3 evening events / month)

  • Work loft is bright and well lit  with natural light

  • 4 -5 individual work areas in the upstairs of  a store front art exhibition and project  space

  • Located on 15th and Webster Streets in downtown Oakland

  • 5 minutes from 12th  or 19th street BART, with bike parking in basement

  • High speed internet

  • LCD  projector and video capability

  • The collective work space may be re-arranged as a communal meeting space with prior arrangement,  as scheduling allows    

  •  Refrigerator, microwave, printer, toaster oven, and couch make for a homey site ; bathroom and utility sink are in basement area. 

  • The downstairs gallery is also a stimulating work and meeting space with partial sound separation from the upstairs.

  • The gallery is open 11:30- 5:30 Thursday - Saturday and 6-9PM First Friday and Second Saturday

  • $200- 325/ month depending on work needs/ contribution to site

      While this is a very flexible space it is not living or dirty work site.

 If you are interested in joining us, please email with the following information in a single PDF:

Contact information: Name, Email, website, Phone number

Briefly answer the following

  • How would you describe your current work and world view?

  • What would you like to do in the workspace at Dream Farm Commons?

  • What are your work needs?

  • Are you interested in the space purely for your own work or does the mission of Dream Farm commons interest you? ( Either answer is acceptable -- please be straight forward!)

  • If you are interested in contributing: Do you have ideas for exhibition, social practice projects, talks, performance, community engagements or forms of creative production that you would want to bring to the table? what would you contribute to the space? What skills do you bring to the table?


Optional: Providing a work sample of  5 images, link to video or writing or other work will help us understand your work

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